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paglipas ng gunaw (when the apocalypse is over): new independent philippine cinema:

curated a 16 film series, and booked it at the brooklyn academy of music and other cinemas in north america.

released on the criterion channel in 2024

cinemovil nyc

strike series (programs of films withdrawn from film festivals in protest) with fundraiser and horizontal discussion.

program I: collapsing span
ft. we began by measuring distance (2009) and blessed blessed oblivion (2010)

program II: who own's a memory? in partnership with film diary nyc
ft. even god (2024) and nowhere near (2023)

dedza films

curated, produced, and distributed who will start another fire, a 9 short omnibus, to 40+ virtual and in-person cinemas in north america. streaming on the criterion channel.

audience campaigns for neptune frost, alma's rainbow, you resemble me

social media and audience development consultant
third world newsreel's upcoming ori theatrical series.

manage theatrical distribution for kani releasing

winter '22 release of masashi yamamoto's robinson's garden and 
what's up connection restorations (now on criterion channel) 

winter '23 release of spacked out restoration

spring '24 release of my heart is that eternal rose restoration

summer '24 release of beijing watermelon restoration

fall '24 release of tokyo uber blues 
in partnership with PBS

fall '24 release of plastic

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