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next no art: boycotts and bothsidisms at idfa 2023

cinemovil nyc 2.6.2024

making a production: meerkat media (print)

documentary magazine 12.8.23

split together: weathering the storm at ciff

mubi notebook 12.7.23


paywalled memories

seen 10.10.23

in the past, on arrival: miko revereza interview

reverseshot 9.30.23

dito, dito, dito (here, here, here): on miko revereza's nowhere near

open city texts 9.4.23

original copy: an interview with daisuke miyazaki

mubi notebook 8.24.23

editor's letter II: fugitive kiss

sentient art film 7.20.23

editor's letter: suffocating terrariums

sentient art film 7.5.23

ten minutes but a few meters longer: mia hansen-løve's memories in locations

mubi notebook 6.30.23


domitable myth: three depictions of japanese holdout soldier hiroo onoda

documentary magazine 5.18.23


the bomb hardly (agit)pops: an essay on how to blow up a pipeline

cine móvil nyc 4.4.23

agnès godard on la ligne and nénette et boni

filmmaker magazine 3.31.23

kimi takesue on onlookers

filmmaker magazine 3.28.23

tenzin phuntsong on pure land

ultra dogme 2.28.23

pedro pascal on last of us

flaunt magazine print, 2.27.23


how to maintain your body in the camera dept. according to movement specialist liz cash

filmmaker magazine, 2.10.23

kenneth dagatan on in my mother's skin, sundance

filmmaker magazine, 1.20.23


paul rogers on editing everything everywhere all at once

filmmaker magazine, print 1.3.23


and also yours, an essay on el lado quieto

pelikula journal vol. 7 12.23.22

paul dano on the fabelmans

flaunt magazine cover 12.20.22

trust territory, doc nyc 2022 coverage

documentary magazine 12.8.22


mike de leon on lvn, his films, and moma retrospective

film comment 11.21.22

balancing act of impact, ciff 2022 team interview

documentary magazine 9.18.22

the right  to do wrong, an essay on top of the heap

metrograph journal 9.9.22

co-curators shireen seno and merv espina on the kalampag tracking agency

screenslate 8.14.22

captain jj "yank" cummings on vetting the script of top gun: maverick

gq magazine 6.24.22


dario argento on the "pleasure of terrible ceremonies" and his 20-film retrospective filmmaker magazine 6.21.22

ariel estaban cayer & pearl chan on kani releasing

screenslate 6.18.22

mike de leon on itim and the marcoses return

cnn philippines 6.9.22

cane fire review

hyperallergic 5.16.22

shirley kurata on the costumes of everything everywhere all at once 

filmmaker magazine 4.19.22


building the world of pachinko in k-drama backlots and ‘enemy architecture’

indiewire 4.14.22

beyond submissions: are transparency and accountability possible in film festivals? distribution advocates 4.14.22

snow hnin ei hlaing & mila aung-thwin on midwives

cinéSPEAK 3.1.22

payal kapadia on a night of knowing nothing 

filmmaker magazine 2.22.22

set medic eloy lara on jackass forever 

filmmaker magazine 2.9.22

best sundance shorts

cinéSPEAK 2.4.22

ngozi onwurah’s welcome II the terrordome 

screenslate 12.30.21

doc nyc 2021 - reviews/panel coverage documentary magazine 12.10.21

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